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Philosophy of Learning

In college you have to write a philosophy of education, but I choose to write a philosophy of learning instead because that is what is important to me.

Lectures don’t motivate, active learning does. I believe that whoever is doing is learning.

I believe learning is social and should happen in community through investigations, experiments, questions, and conversations.

The learner should have an active role in choosing both the content and the method of their learning.

I believe learning should be holistic, not compartmentalized into artificial subjects.

I believe that every learner is an individual human being with her own feelings, emotions, strengths, weaknesses, passions, and dreams to explore.

I believe textbooks are a poor source of learning, unmotivating, and a crutch for teachers.

I believe learners should be connected to the world through on-line tools to share and expand their learning.

I believe that learning should be “real world” right now, not just preparation for later careers.

I believe students can and should  make meaningful contributions to all fields of study today.

I believe learning should be assessed informally and formally with formative assessments not just high stakes tests at the end.

I believe that all students can learn, but that curiosity and motivation has been driven out of many of them by the boredom of how we “do school.”

I believe the reward for learning is personal satisfaction and enjoyment, not a letter grade.

When you stop learning you’re dead.

I’m still learning every day…

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